This entire spring pot cost less than $25 to make (including the pot, stand, and moisture control potting soil but not including the solar dragonfly).
Displayed in this pot are:
-1/2 package of pansies
-Light purple Violas
-Dark purple and yellow Violas
I selected these plants because they are each very hardy (up to - degree temperatures) and do not require much sunlight. Since I live in Colorado and have a shaded, north facing patio, these factors were very important when selecting my plants.
Next, I created a spring door ornament in place of a wreathe!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I am obsessed with creative ideas and all things Hello Kitty and flowers as found in my "Garden Inspirations", "Hello Kitty" and "Make Something Special" Boards.
I have seen similar ideas for door ornaments or wreathes on Pinterest and have even posted a few in my "Holiday Cheer" board.
This Spring Door Adornment cost less than $8 to make and will hopefully last through May.
The items I used to make this hanging pot include:
-Over the door hook (you can also use an adhesive one)
-Hello Kitty ribbon to hang the pot
-Bucket/pail I found in the Easter section of retail store
-1/2 package of Pansies
The bucket should get enough sunlight from my patio without over drying the plants. Since this is a metal pail and doesn't have drainage, I plan to only water this plant when the soil feels dry and will mist the actual flowers a few times per week. And since it is Colorado and we should still be due a few more snow showers and frost, I will most likely plan to bring this pot in during freezing temperatures or snow.
This is super cute and will look great for Easter!

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