Colorado had a few unexpected snow storms this April and on one of my snow days, I was inspired to add a little touch of spring to my front porch!  I spent less than $10 on the entire project by finding inspiration in my own garden.

I found these grape hyacinth hidden behind an area of grass in my lawn.  I dug them out by ensuring to collect their roots and bulbs in order to feature them where they can be fully enjoyed!


I looked for hardy plants like these violas since they can tolerate up to 20 degree weather to add color and dimension.  I wanted to add these baby daffodils  (narcissus) since they stand out by adding variety of texture and height.


I added a little soil after arranging each plant, and voila!  You can see our snow there in the window background!


Everything is thriving in the Colorado sunshine! Layering plants by height and color is a great way to add depth and character to your pots.  Use your favorite flowers to display your personal gardening style!


I found a few lilies as well to give this pot more depth when everything is in bloom.  Sometimes gardens with perennials need to be thinned out or rearranged to allow for more room for season growth. Adding your perennials to your pots is a great way to add space in your gardens while allowing you to enjoy them before warmer weather planting season!


After a little time, a glass of wine, and a little inspiration, I now have a lovely Colorado spring display with pink tulips to match my fabulous pink patio set!


Happy spring and happy planting!



xoxoxo Le Renee