I am in the middle of watching the Season 8 premiere of Dexter.  And I am reminded that this happened! OMG!  WTF!?? Ahhhh…..


Now us Dexterians know that this is the last and final season of our beloved show.  We have so many questions and so many hopes and…so many fears.  My ultimate fears are that Batista, Dexter or Deb end up dead.  And that’s exactly what I think will happen in Season 8.  Here are my predictions:

Batista will die.  This is because he has now assumed his official duties again in Miami Metro now that his former supervisor died.  Several boxes of Lt. Laguerta’s belongings are sitting in his living room.  My guess is that he will get curious about where she left off and will soon put together the pieces that cost Laguerta her life.  Dexter will find out and we will have a terribly miserable episode of Deb or Dex killing off Batista….or he dies by heart attack or by getting in the way of an investigation.  He will die unexpectedly, quickly and tragically.

Deb will attempt to die by suicide.  She may even try to kill Dexter and then kill herself because she can’t take the guilt of what she knows and of what she did.  However, I think that Dexter will live through whatever Deb puts him through this season.  If a murder suicide is attempted, we will watch to see Dexter’s eyes open at the last second of the last episode.

Deb will not die until at least the second to last episode unless she dies from someone else killing her to get revenge on Dexter IF SHE DIES. In which case, I see her dying by the third to last episode so that Dexter can plot his successful revenge, but we have already seen Deb taken hostage by the Ice Truck Killer so I don’t think that will be her demise.  I can picture someone trying to kill Dexter and somehow Deb gets in the way.  She dies….then Dexter avenges her death. But again, we saw that when Rita died…..oh sad face.

Dex has his son, Harrison…the baby-sitter is a strong character because she is how Dexter is able to operate at work and as his Dark Passenger.  What role will she play in the death of Batista and the aftermath for Dexter and Deb?  What information will she discover that will make things difficult for Dexter?

If Dexter goes to prison or dies, who will look after his son?  He has no one.  Dexter will live.  Although, I could totally see Dexter dying and Deb picking up Harrison and living by the new “code” and carrying on Dexter’s torch…

One last thought…it is entirely possible that Dexter cannot take the pain of watching Deb and Harrison suffer…so he could fatally inject himself or tell Deb she has to kill him.  I want to believe that somehow they will live!

No matter what, this photo below says it all.  This season is about conflictual sibling rivalry and love-hate relationships with others and with themselves.  Deb is trying to cope while Dexter is trying to save her and he will probably save her multiple times this season.  The question is, what will it take for Deb to sober up?  And, what will it take to keep both of them alive?

I’m soooo scared!  Dexter is worse than watching a horror movie!  But I have missed Dexter’s salmon button up shirts and pretend smiles as he hunts through Miami Metro!