This morning, I was awoken by my fellow gLeek who shared the burdensome news that the beloved actor, Cory Monteith, who played on screen fan favorite, Finn Hudson, on the groundbreaking show, Glee, was found dead this morning.

I can’t even imagine the loss that on screen and real life girlfriend, Lea Michele, feels right now or how the entire cast and family of Glee is coping with this painful tragedy.

Through his character, Finn, Cory Monteith changed the lives of millions of families around the world by promoting acceptance, self-esteem, love, and taking the opportunity to embrace who you are. His character inspired us to see the best in people and to fight for who and what matters.

Cory, the impression you have made on this world will last a lifetime.

Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele, Christopher Colfer, the cast and crew, and your families are all in our prayers as we remember Cory and never forget.

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