***Spoiler Alert***

Wow! A lot has happened in Dexter, season 8. Most recently and most drastically, Dr.Vogel’s jugular was sliced open GOT style for choosing the “wrong son”.

Hannah McKay returned to find forever with Dexter and Harrision and Deb and Quinn are picking things up again.

Season 8’s antagonist, Oliver Saxon, shot Deb in the last episode. Dexter’s mega career gift to Deb failed since Saxon master manipulated the deputy Marshall into setting him free from Dexter’s trap.

We have seen previews of Hannah at the airport and Dexter confronting Deb’s temporary private deceive boss..

And, while it would be an epic series finale to kill off a main character, there are a few reasons why I think Deb lives.

First, Quinn still has her engagement ring. I think he proposes or Deb grabs the ring from his desk after she heals a little and says “shit, Joey. Will you fucking marry me already?!” Or “will you fucking just say yes?”!

In the last episode, Dexter imagined they could both start over. I think that’s what they do.

Now for the extra drama:

Dexter will hunt down Saxon. It will be tough and he will keep missing Saxon. Like that one guy who was twice his size who wouldn’t die and kept escaping. Saxon will play a game but in the end, Dexter will be pissed he HAS to kill him. I have a feeling Dexter will have more to be angry about.

Hannah will be dodging the guy following her at the airport. Right as they make it there, Dex will get the call about Deb. He will be in a mint green button up shirt saying “wait here” with his best serious face. Hannah might concoct her special poison….

Now the unexpected twist part….

Batista. Remember when I predicted that Batista dies? Well, I still believe that.

He will learn something about Deb getting shot and will pursue his lead. Miami Metro is always a few steps behind Dexter and I think this will play into his death. I predict he will disappear (less screen time) until the middle to end of the episode and will unexpectedly get shot or worse, face the wrath of Saxon. There is the heart attack possibility, but Dexter runs on blood. Or Masuka dies…hmmmm

From there, I see Dex, Deb, Quinn and Masuka gathered around at the funeral with Dex saying something philosophical about his dark passenger and the possibility of love and watching Harrison grow old. The show will fade with the sunset in the background and Dexter playing in the sand with his family.

P.S. Someone will be pregnant. I’m leaning towards Deb finding out at the hospital or Hannah tells Dexter while they are spending family time together towards the end. And maybe there is a wedding in Argentina….

Regardless, I am sooooooo sad Dexter ends soon. He has been at the core of my family spending time since the ice truck killer set eyes on Deb.

It has been one of the most epic and original series on TV and I will miss this show greatly.

Fuck! Dexter is fucking ending!