Grey’s fans from all over the world will unite tonight to watch the premiere of the long awaited season 10.

We have already heard that this will be Cristina Yang’s final season.

We have also heard the exciting news that we get to meet Alex Karev’s dad played by James Remar, who portrayed Dexter’s epic dad for 8 seasons.

Now, we get to watch to learn who Ms. Shonda Rhimes intends to kill off (I am still bitter about Lexi and McSteamy).

And, even more interesting, just how will Rhimes send off Yang?

Will we finally get to see a Grey’s member gracefully leave the show? Or will there be a dramatic death? We have already had a bomb, a ferry boat, a bus, a car crash, a flood, a plane crash and now a storm. What’s left? A train?….decisions decisions

And with the Chief’s life hanging in the balance, what will happen next? Will his death be the reason Yang desires to seek another program? What about Yang and Owen? Will Mer and Der stay in love and have their happily ever after?

I love greys and always will. I go back and watch each epi starting with season one, episode one.

Ok, Shonda, I know you are busy with hot scandals and writing other shows, but please, do these characters justice this season and hit Season 10 out of the ballpark!

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