This is my sanctuary.

No matter what I am going through, I am comforted when I walk through these doors.  I feel refreshed, replenished, energized.  I feel like my heart hurts a little less and my soul feels more connected to my journey in this life.

Today, I was reminded about our inner gifts.  That we each were created to give something to this world and that we matter.

I was reminded to be strong.

To take courage.

To turn towards our destiny and find the light.

I was reminded that we are all loved and that this world is big enough to appreciate all our differences.

I was reminded to have hope, because the future is brighter than the past.

I was reminded to make each and every second of each day count and, to love.  Because, today, we can.


How do you find your inner peace?  What do you do feel spiritually rested?

Be strong.  Take courage.  Know that you are loved and are here for a purpose!

God Bless!