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Dear Journalists in Colorado:
My name is Renee and I am pursuing a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy at Regis University.  I graduated from Metropolitan State University with a degree in journalism.  And, I am actively engaged in social media.
Most importantly, I am an intern at a local non-profit grief therapy center for children and families and several family members are grieving the death of someone who died by suicide.
We choose to say “died by suicide” rather than “committed suicide” when reporting deaths by suicide and I am wondering if you could also decide to change the language journalists use when reporting on suicide deaths?  One leading local media source in Denver has responded to my request and I am wondering if you will consider it as well?
Rather than saying “committed suicide”, would you say “died by suicide”?  Journalists report that a person “died of cancer” or “died from heart complications” or “died in a car accident”.
Changing the language to died by suicide allows the opportunity to consider factors related to mental health and to exercise sensitivity and care when reporting responsibly.  The word “committed” implies that the person committed an act that was wrong (“committed a crime”, committed adultery”, “committed fraud”) .  Changing the term to “died by” allows the opportunity to consider that this person struggled with symptoms of mental illness.  We will never fully understand the pain that someone experiences before successfully ending their life.  But, we can help to alleviate the pain of the loved ones they left behind by reducing the stigma around suicide and creating opportunities for grieving children and families to heal by being able to talk about their suicide loss.  Further, it’s my hope that we can work together as a community and nation to promote a culture of openness and acceptance so that people who are struggling with thoughts of suicide feel safe enough to tell someone else who can help keep them alive.
We have experienced so much tragedy in the last two years in our Colorado communities.  Here is a chance for us to provide hope.
Reporting “died by suicide” will be leading the way in an era where mental health is of most importance.
Thank you again, for considering my request.  If we have changed even one life by changing our language, it will be worth it.
All the best,
Renee Joyce, BA
Grief Therapist Intern
@renee_joyce on Twitter
For more information about suicide prevention call:

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1. Santiago’s based in Englewood, Co.  Stop by 11:00AM and pick up a few breakfast burritos with half and half chile.

2. Benny’s.  From breakfast to dinner, Benny’s is delicious.  Add a classic margarita for lunch!

3. Jack ‘n Grill.  This is a New Mexican style treat.  Order the sopapilla burger or their famous 7 pound burrito for kicks.

4 . Tacos Rapidos.  You would never guess that this place as Denver’s best Carne Asade fries.  Order them and scarf them down.

5. Sam’s #3.  Great local mexican food from a household name.

6. Hacienda.  This is a classier mexican food restaurant in Denver with extra chile varieties.

7. Casa Bonita….Of course they made the list!  This is Denver and it’s a legacy.  Enough said.

8. The Armadillo.  There are a few locations still around.  They have fabulous guacamole tostadas and chile rellenos.

9.Las Delicias.  A cute little joint in Englewood. Perfect for the lunch getaway or casual dinner date.

10.  3 Margaritas.  This is a classic mexican food chain that’s not quite authentic but is reliable.

11. The Tamale Kitchen.  Obviously, order the tamales, and be careful with their chile!  Delicious and spicy.

12. Johnny’s Diner.  Be sure to get the handheld breakfast burrito to cure your hangover.

Other recommended restaurants endorsed by readers:

13. Senor Rick’s on Mississippi. One reader proclaimed that  it is “Hands down the best restaurant in Colorado”.

14. Little Anita’s- One reader shared that it is perfect for curing hangovers.

15. Taco’s Jalicos on 38th and Raleigh was also recommended.

16. Blue Bonnet reports having the best mexican food on south broadway.

17. Bonnie Brae. There is something so comforting about their chile cheese fries!

18. Chubby’s on Lowell.  This is not to be confused with the copycat, el Chubby’s.

19. Jose O’sheas at 6th at Union is a Denver classic.

20. Las Margaritas-Very similar to 3 Margaritas.

21. Tamayo-One reader suggested this was so good, that if I had been there myself, it might have made my top 12!

Enjoy your margaritas and mojitos! 😀


Copyright 2013-2014. All Rights Reserved. Quotes, excerpts and re-blogs are permitted by crediting the original owner of this material and source (Le Renee).

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